Time to Celebrate!

At 1:12pm on Friday, August 26th, our 310th backer, Peter Brieger, brought us past the $25K mark! WE DID IT!

Our deepest, most heartfelt thanks to every one of you. We are overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support. When we started this campaign, we didn’t know if we would make it. We believed in the importance of this film but weren’t sure enough other people would agree with us. Yet 300+ people came together to say, yes, we need more conversation about the ethical, social and philosophical issues surrounding human enhancement technologies, differing perceptions of disability, and what it means to be human.

Just yesterday the BBC and NPR ran stories about Oscar Pistorius and his journey to athletic stardom—but not without a swirl of controversy. Does the double amputee have an advantage or doesn’t he? What do we really mean by disability? Is his story following the old “super crip” narrative, or is he part of a movement that’s redefining what’s “normal”?

These are the kinds of questions Fixed addresses, and while our goal of $25k will go a long way toward finishing the film, there’s still 4 days to make more magic happen.

What other wizardry is there? In our push to expand the conversation, we want to develop curriculum to reach students at the high school and college levels, as well as in medical schools and bioethics programs. The added dollars will allow us to devote more resources towards that goal.

If you haven’t yet contributed, donations can be made right up to the cutoff time of 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31. And, please, let’s make the most of these last few days by continuing to spread the word!

Thank you again. We are ecstatic!

With […]

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Tweet Tweet, 10K & a Pinky Promise

Dear friends of Fixed,

Today marks a huge milestone: we hit 10K on Kickstarter! In fact, as of writing this, 111 backers have collectively raised $10,380! We are 41% of the way there, folks. Do you know just how much you all ROCK my world?!

I cannot thank you enough, but, instead, I will try to do my best to keep you better informed about Fixed as we move forward.

To this end, Fixed has entered the Tweeting world today and has a brand spankin’ new Twitter account: www.twitter.com/FixedDoc

If you are on Twitter (and it seems I am one of the few who hasn’t been in the Twittersphere much thus far so you are probably there), please follow me and I’ll follow you, too. Okay, see, that just sounds creepy. But you know what I mean. I want to follow what you’re thinking about, what cool links you discover, what you’re up to, etc… So please, tweet tweet!

155 of you have already discovered the FIXED Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/FIXED.the.movie  Good on you! Now where are the rest of you? Please come visit, join the page by clicking “like”, comment on the stories you’ll find there and post away about your own work, thoughts or related discoveries. I mean, seriously, every day there are more and more stories in the news about new technologies and new artistic movements challenging how we think about disability and the body, sometimes in oppositional and deliciously complicated ways.

How about this for an incentive? I will send a free Fixed poster to the next 30 people who become both a FixedDoc Twitter pal *and* who “like” the  FIXED Facebook page. (Full disclosure: posters won’t be ready for mailing until October, but they […]

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