“‘Fixed’ is entirely useful for my senior Medical Ethics course.  There are countless ways that my students can connect with the material presented in the film, from the issues that the disability rights movement raises about societal change and adaptive technology, to ableism and Eugenics.  The film is accessible, balanced, and while my students already have a background in the subject matter, there is also something entirely new here to help them stretch their thinking.  It is perfect for the classroom but also for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on the subject or simply someone who wants to achieve a better understanding of the world we all live in.” – Stacey Wickware, U.S. History and Medical Ethics teacher, Dozier-Libbey Medical High School

On two rainy days this past November, I had the opportunity to venture out to Antioch, CA, to share the rough cut of Fixed with the senior class of  Dozier-Libbey Medical High School who were in the midst of a month-long unit on ableism in their medical ethics classes. Their response to the film was deeply gratifying.

As many of you know, this has been a six year long, epic journey to create this film. This was the first time I’ve shown it to an audience of young people. To hear in our discussions after each screening how it impacted these teens, shifting their perspectives on disability and inspiring them to rethink concepts of normal, abled, and disabled – and to know that this film will become a tool for many teachers around the country to do the same with their students – gave me goosebumps! Please check out some of their comments below. And since my sweetheart is a statistician, I couldn’t […]