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Much exciting news to share from these recent months!

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Pre-release screening in Lisbon
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Film update

The editing is going great. To make sure we’re still on the right track, we have held two more work-in-progress screenings in the last month.  The first screening was with the staff of the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund (DREDF),  a leading national civil rights law and policy center and one of the oldest disability rights organizations in the country, founded in 1979; in other words, a group I deeply respect and whose opinions of the film I value highly.  The screening received a warm and enthusiastic response.  I asked a few of their senior staff to write their thoughts about the film afterwards:
“‘Fixed’ combines some of the most challenging questions facing the disability rights movement with the cutting-edge science of human enhancement. The result is eye-opening and raises provocative questions our civilization struggles to answer. Yet ‘Fixed’ doesn’t fail to fascinate, and communicates on so many levels. Everyone should see this film!”
— Marilyn Golden, Senior Policy Analyst, DREDF
“‘Fixed’ presents an incisive, balanced, and mind-bending look at the opportunities and challenges the technology revolution has wrought for the future of human culture and the meaning of being human… Beautifully edited with multiple dance sequences that transcend preconceived notions of disability and normalcy, ‘Fixed’ poses the question, ‘What sort of world do we want to live in?'”  — Mary Lou Breslin, Senior Policy Advisor, DREDF
The second screening was with an undergraduate ‘Cyborg Anthropology’ class at UC Santa Cruz and was also well-received. You can read a few comments from their feedback forms below.

Other big news! I’ve been invited to be a […]