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“…wonderfully original look at bodily variations…”  B. Ruby Rich, Film Critic and Professor of Social Documentation

“An ethical and philosophical mind-bender…” — CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

Fascinating, humane, and provocative reframing of conceptions of ‘normal’ bodies and ‘disability.'” – Gina Maranto, author of Quest for Perfection

“… a highly entertaining, as well as visually and intellectually stimulating presentation, . . . it is highly recommended both to academics and the general public.”  Journal of Responsible Innovation, Film Review by Stevienna de Saille, March 6, 2014. (Entire review is available for free online.)

“I screened Fixed in a disability studies-focused course I co-taught this past semester…  The students absolutely loved the film; they found it compelling and complicated, and it helped transform their understandings about bodies, disability, technology, ethics, economic justice, disability rights, etc. I *highly* recommend it.”  — Joan M. Ostrove, Professor, Department of Psychology, Macalester College

“‘Fixed’ is a “must see” film for anyone interested in technology solutions for people with disabilities, especially those who are learning about, exploring, or designing new ones. It expertly illuminates the debate surrounding human enhancement and transhumanist philosophies, while giving a clear voice to those who might be the most impacted–people with disabilities and their ongoing struggles within an “ableist” culture.” –Ray Grott, Director, Rehabilitation Engineering Technology (RET) Project, San Francisco State University, and President-Elect of RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America)

“‘Fixed’ presents an incisive, balanced, and mind-bending look at the opportunities and challenges the technology revolution has wrought for the future of human culture and the meaning of being human… Beautifully edited with multiple dance sequences that transcend preconceived notions of disability and normalcy, ‘Fixed’ poses the question, ‘What sort of world do we want to live in?‘”  — Mary Lou Breslin, Senior Policy Advisor, DREDF

“Watching ‘Fixed’ reminds you that human beings are an incredibly varied bunch. The film beautifully shows how we attempt to both enhance and constrain that variability, recreating ourselves with the technologies we make.  ‘Fixed’ shows the different kinds of people we’re recreating and questions whether there should be limits to such re-creation.  You’re a different person after you’ve watch ‘Fixed’.  And that’s the point.“– Dave Guston, Director, Center for Nanotechnology in Society, ASU