CHP:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival is hosting 3 screenings of FIXED, including two special events structured as public debates. Find more details on these events below:

  • Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014 at 7pm (regular screening)
  • Thursday, Nov 13th at 5:15pm (first special event – debate)
  • Saturday, Nov 15th at 7:15pm (second special event- debate)

The first debate (11/13) is part of the festival’s 5 ‘court case’ debates. Each time two political youth parties will debate a subject on in the roles of prosecutor and defender and a jury of 3 experts. At the screening of Fixed, the experts will be a priest, a geneticist and a representative of The Danish Association of the Disabled. This debate is about ethics and will address the issues of humans playing God. Each of the festival’s 5 Megatrends have a ‘court case’ debate.

The second debate (11/15) will focus much more on the technological side of theme. For this, 4 robot scientists will be debating, who all work with the humanitarians and how humans and technology interact and melt together. The 3 scientists from ROCA (Robot Culture and Aesthetics) will set up 3 dilemmas about human/machine relations.

Where is the limit? And has there ever been one? Modern technology makes it possible to extend the body’s natural abilities and help people who have been disabled in accidents or wars. But one thing is to help, another to optimise. And right now, we are on the verge of what has been called the transhuman era, which will raise some very fundamental questions about what it means to be ‘normal’ – and being a human. Research and development is moving fast, and with it comes a whole new market based on unbridled competition. The perspectives are staggering, as are the dilemmas. For what exactly is the difference between wearing glasses and having your vision optimised by implants? What is the difference between dying your hair and getting a ‘nose job’? Not to speak of manipulating physical strength and mental abilities – especially in a military context? ‘Fixed’ is an ethical and philosophical mind bender, where forward-thinking scientists, artists and philosophers ask critical questions and give their own possible answers. The development is already in full swing, it’s time to determine what we want to do with it. Screening with the short film ‘Autonomous’.

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