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FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement is an essential teaching and research tool for:

  • Science & Technology Studies
  • Disability Studies
  • Sociology / American Studies/ Community Studies
  • Anthropology/ Medical Humanities
  • Law / Legal studies/ Medical Ethics/ Bioethics
  • Gender/ Feminist Studies
  • History (Eugenics in the U.S.)
  • Social Welfare/ Social Work/ Counseling
  • Bioengineering/ Genetics/ Neuroscience / Biomechatronics
  • Engineering
  • Public Health / Public Policy
  • Environmental & Urban design / Architecture
  • Medical schools / Prosthetic, Orthotic, Physical therapy & Rehabilitation programs
  • Dance/Performance studies

Through a dynamic mix of verité, dance, archival and interview footage, FIXED challenges notions of normal, the body and what it means fundamentally to be human in the 21st century.

Key concepts include: ableism; access; adaptive technology; bioethics; biomechatronics; bionics; brain-machine interfaces; differing frameworks of understanding disability; disability arts and culture; emerging human enhancement technologies; exoskeletons; eugenics; genetics; health; humans 2.0; innovation; neuro-enhancement; performance enhancing drugs / smart drugs; prenatal screening; science; technology; transhumanism and more.

This film is extremely important and will be very valuable for faculty from dozens of different disciplines from the biological sciences to disability studies to the humanities and social sciences…
Clark Miller, Chair, PhD Program, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, ASU

An authoritative exposé on the use of technology in the quest for physical perfection. Fariba Houman, Director, Human Research Protections Program, Mass. Eye and Ear Hospital

Accessible, balanced…there is something entirely new here to help students stretch their thinking. It is perfect for the classroom.
Stacey Wickware, U.S. History and Medical Ethics teacher, Dozier-Libbey Medical High School

Fascinating, humane, and provocative reframing of conceptions of ‘normal’ bodies and ‘disability.
Gina Maranto, Director, Ecosystem Science and Policy, University of Miami

Gregor Wolbring, featured in FIXED

Gregor Wolbring, featured in FIXED







Join the growing list of over 80 educational institutions who have ordered FIXED for their classrooms so far, including:

  • Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Ciência Viva- Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon, Portugal (science museum)
  • Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
  • Hiram College, Hiram, OH
  • Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
  • Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
  • McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick
  • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
  • University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Educational DVDs were released December 2013. Order now from our educational distributor, NEW DAY FILMS.

Running time: 60 mins (56 mins plus credits). Includes Closed Captions, Video Description and French, Spanish, English and Portuguese subtitles. Study guide coming soon!

Bring FIXED to colleges and community centers across the country by making a tax-deductible donation today to the FIXED Community Engagement Campaign!

Lisa Bufano

Lisa Bufano, in FIXED