Help us bring Fixed into classrooms and communities this fall! 

Last summer, we had a phenomenal run on Public TV, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the ADA, with over 1,600 telecasts in over 90% of the country!

Over 300 universities and high schools are now teaching with using the educationally-licensed version of Fixed (ordered through New Day Films).

The impact this will have on building the national conversation on disability, technology and human enhancement is immense.

Now it’s time to support these screenings by developing educational materials, discussion guides geared towards different groups and disciplines, and bonus features for the final edition of the DVD.

But we can’t do it without YOU, the FIXED community.

How can you help?

Please consider making a personal donation toward this effort and our ongoing community engagement work. It’s much appreciated and tax-deductible!

All donations are tax-deductible.  Anything helps, from $5 bucks to $50K!

Donate today.

If you are new to FIXED, you can check out our trailer here.

Please share this call to action with your friends and networks!  Thank YOU for your support!


Regan Brashear, Producer/Director