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The Takeaway (WNYC) radio interview with John Hockenberry: “Bionic Limbs Blur the Lines of Disability.

Article in Our London, “Tangled Proving Every Body Has Potential

Journal of Responsible Innovation review.

School Library Journal’s “Top 10 DVD of the Year.”

School Library Journal “Pick of the Day” review.

Print Interview with FIXED Director on Beacons and Balefires.

Video of interview with FIXED Director, Regan Brashear, and writer and scholar, Gina Maranto, Center for Genetics and Society.


Hugh Herr Climbing

©Hugh Herr


Filming on the water

Director Regan Brashear goofing around with Fernanda Castelo (featured in Fixed) and Cameraman/Co-Producer Jamie LeJeune, sailing with BAADS.



Interviewing John Hockenberry at MIT Media Lab

Interviewing John Hockenberry at MIT Media Lab