• Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014 at 7pm (regular screening)
  • Thursday, Nov 13th at 5:15pm (first special event – debate)
  • Saturday, Nov 15th at 7:15pm (second special event- debate)

CHP:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival is hosting 3 screenings of FIXED, including two special events structured as public debates. Find more details on these events below:

The first debate (11/13) is part of the festival’s 5 ‘court case’ debates. Each time two political youth parties will debate a subject on in the roles of prosecutor and defender and a jury of 3 experts. At the screening of Fixed, the experts will be a priest, a geneticist and a representative of The Danish Association of the Disabled. This debate is about ethics and will address the issues of humans playing God. Each of our 5 Megatrends have a ‘court case’ debate.

The second debate (11/15) will focus much more on the technological side of theme. For this, 4 robot scientists will be debating, who all work with the humanitarians and how humans and technology interact and melt together. The 3 scientists from ROCA will set up 3 dilemmas about human/machine relations.

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