Wednesday, Nov 12th at 9:30pm

Fixed screens at the Red Rock Film Festival in Cedar City, Utah!

Tickets and more info may be found here.  

Playing with…

Paper Plane (Luftschloss)
(Germany) 23 min. (2014) Fiction Short
DIR Benedikt Grofl
A family film showcasing the relationship of two brothers and their mutual passion: flying. Florian awakens the interest for flying in his younger brother Marian. An interest that will remain a dream forever. Marian is blind.

Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
(USA) 60 min. (2013) Documentary Full-length Feature
Regan Brashear CAST John  Hockenberry, Gregor Wolbring, Patricia Berne, Hugh Herr, Fernanda Castelo
From bionic limbs and neural implants to prenatal screening, researchers around the world are hard at work developing a myriad of technologies to fix or enhance the human body. “Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement” takes a close look at the drive to be “better than human” and the radical technological innovations that may take us there. What does ‘disabled’ mean when a man with no legs can run faster than most people in the world? What does “normal” mean when cosmetic surgery procedures have risen over 450% percent in the last fifteen years and increasing numbers of people turn to “smart drugs” every day to get ahead at school or work? With prenatal screening able to predict hundreds of probable conditions, who should determine what kind of people get to be born? If you could augment your body’s abilities in any way imaginable, would you?