Screening at D. Glanzman's home
One of the highlights from my recent trip to DC was an informal screening of FIXED at the home of two recently retired NIH program chairs, Dennis Glanzman and Yuan Liu. Guests included a number of other NIH scientists, program and division chairs/heads, as well as a few friends from a variety of governmental agencies and elsewhere.
It was such a treat to share FIXED with this group of (largely) neuroscientists, many of whom are deeply engaged in the research of neuro-prosthetics. They generously shared their ideas after the screening of how we might be able to get the film more widely viewed in their scientific communities.
Here are some of their reflections on FIXED:
“Very moving! It is a very thoughtful documentary. I particularly liked the presentation of societal issues and the mix with technology advancement. The two may not be in conflict but discussions are needed to bring people together; and this documentary achieved that. Thank you.”
“I appreciated that it covered the full spectrum of assistive and ‘enhancing’ technologies. For example, grouping prosthetics with tools changed the way I think about them. Also, given the current political discussions of economic inequality, it is thought-provoking to consider issues related to access inequality.”
“It gives a perspective on prosthetics that is rarely discussed in engineering or scientific meetings – very necessary and very much appreciated.”
“Stunning, thought-provoking…”
“Amazing range of topics and emotions. So very truthful and honest.”
“This is a truly thought-provoking, inspirational, powerful, educational film that I’ve ever watched!”
Many thanks to all who attended and to our gracious hosts! I look forward to finding ways to share FIXED with the scientific community more in the future.