Calling all coffee lovers,

If you get your cuppa joe at Starbucks from July 20th through July 26th, be sure to bring your laptop. When you log in to use their wi-fi, this is what you’ll find.


This spring, we were contacted by Starbucks about hosting a screening at their headquarters. We decided to make a trade:  a free screening of FIXED at the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, which happened last week with Starbucks EVP Scott Pitaskty, in exchange for featuring the FIXED trailer in all of their cafes across the U.S. and Canada for one week. Part of Starbucks efforts to increase disability awareness in-house (and out) leading up to ‪#‎ADA25‬ – and not to mention, great exposure for FIXED!

[Image description: a screen grab of portion of the Starbucks home page featuring Fixed with a link to the trailer and the title: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Humans, Making Change Media]